Curriculum Vitae
bullet Personal information
Name: Dmitri Kuznetsov
date & place of birth: 23.02.1980 in Tallinn, Estonia
nationality Estonia (EU work permit)
driving licence: international driving license category B
miscellaneous: readiness for business trips
bullet Professional experience
4/2018-11/2018 Senior Software Developer for Arvato DC, Tallinn
Pay-by-link pilot Payment solution using Azure cloud.
  • Developing ASP.NET MVC based REST APIs.
  • Integrations with JWT using ASP.NET Identity and IdentityServer 3.0 integration.
  • User management front-end using AngularJS (1.3).
  • Merchant portal enhancements using Angular 5 for REST API.
  • Payment SPA in Vue.js - performance analysis for client-side MVC and product white-labelling solution.
  • SpecFlow integration tests - improvements in coverage, run time and idempotency.
Visual Studio Team Services, Git, hosting & infrastructure in Azure, enabling CI/CD in Azure.
Tests using Specflow, configuration via Postman. ASP.NET 4.7, MVC 5.0, ASP.NET Core 1.2, SQL Server 2014, IdentityServer 3.0, Visual Studio 2017, SourceTree, ReSharper
2/2017-3/2018 Senior Software Developer for Arvato DC, Tallinn
Analysis and Extension of Application for Debt Collection.
  • Analysis of dependencies and modularity of existing application.
  • Suggestions on development process improvement toward agile methodology.
  • Integration of optical text recognition module in .NET into Java main application via web-service.
  • Integration of .NET module via web-service.
  • Interviews and hiring new employees for project in Arvato DC in Tallinn.
Java-based development, Eclipse Luna 4.4.2, team-lead, team adopting agile methodoligy.
10/2016-01/2017 (freelance) Fraud Management Front-End for Arvato Services, Gütersloh
Extending client Frontend for manual Fraud Prevention in SCM department using ASP.NET MVC and WebAPI in C#.
  • for SPA.
  • Flexible filters for reporting.
  • Data interchange FTP -> CSV -> SQL Server.
  • Task queueing using Hangfire.
  • Swagger for Webservice integration tests.
Mainly interesting with for client-side MVC, Swagger and Hangfire, WebAPI.
01/2016-07/2016 (freelance, remote) Support and enhancements for websites of Deutsche Bank Gruppe (
Bugfixes, performance improvements, deployment tools, front-end changes according to design templates.
  • ASP.NET Development.
  • Market data for charting components.
  • Bugfixes and refactorings in existing solution.
  • Design templates improvements/fixes in frontend.
  • Component and tool reuse for other projects of same customer.
  • Configuration-management, as portal handles multiple country-specific websites and languages.
Scrum, CMS, Configuration Management, JIRA, SVN, Remote, ASP.NET, MS SQL Server, CSS, jQuery, ReSharper
09/2015-01/2016 New Frontend for for Betsson Group
Integration of new design templates for and .ee, implementation for legal requirements for and various components as advertsement module, cross-sales tool, conformity and legal requirements for gambling in Estonia (EHMA) and in Latvia.
  • Client-side performance analysis and improvements.
  • Performance optimization on server-side within existing platform.
  • Legal conformity of frontend.
Scrum Master (deputy), YouTrack, SVN, .NET 4.0, ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, CSS, LESS, ReSharper
02/2015-09/2015 Intranet tool for resource management in hospital
Enhancements, bugfixes and further development of intranet application to manage resources (specialists, rooms, radiology equipment) within hospitals departments.
  • Extend reporting tools.
  • Include data exchange with other infosystems (SOA backend).
  • Access control and authorisation on patient data.
  • Documentation, knowledge transfer for support team.
Scrum, Documentation, ASP.NET, MS SQL Server, WCF, Mobile-ID, JIRA, SVN
08/2014-02/2015 Online registration for medical services
Development of online registration for medical services within hospital group inlc. external schedules, medical insurance infosystem and payment options for paid appointments -
  • Requirements engineering in cooperation with client.
  • Coordination with external partners.
  • Implementation of new design template.
  • Integration into SOA backend for reservations within medical insurance system and state X-Road data exchange.
  • Banklink support for SEB, Swedbank and Nordea for online
  • payment (iPizza and SOLOMP)
Scrum, ASP.NET, WCF, SQL, MS SQL Server, Visual Studio 2012, JIRA, Subversion, X-Tee, Banklink, Mobile-ID
10/2013-07/2014 Court Information System
Software development
  • EntityFramework.
  • Integration with state Registry services (RIK).
  • MS SQL Server and Oracle storage
  • Extensive unit testing, mock for test, DI.
ASP.NET MVC 4.5, jQuery, minor AngularJS, MS SQL Server, Oracle, X-Tee, SVN, VS 2012, ReSharper.
08/2012-2/2013 freelance project. Relaunch for Bank website
Software development
  • ASP.NET Web Development.
  • Relaunch from ASP to ASP.NET-based CMS.
  • Performancetuning and scalability issues.
  • Support for multilingual CMS (10 regional sites in 25 languages).
  • Webtrekk visitor behavior tracking.
ASP.NET 3.5, Ms SQL Server, CSS/LESS, Webtrekk, VS 2010, ReSharper.
11/2010-07/2012 freelance project. End-user Portal for clinical trials within ERT (
Software development
  • ASP.NET Frontend development.
  • Data access using Oracle 11g Database (Reads, Views, Packages/Procedures).
  • Web-Service Interface as Windows-Service supporting TicketExpert.NET (Workflow/Ticketing System) functionality.
  • Performance tuning, Refactoring to improve maintainability and code quality.
  • Unit-test coverage of critical application modules.
  • Conversion of ASPx/DevExpress to AJAX Controls.
Software Development in ASP.NET (C# 3.5) using Visual Studio 2008 and 2010, TFS 2008/2010. MS SQL Server. Oracle 11g - SQL Developer. LLBLGen Pro 2.6 to generate ORM code and custom templating. AJAX, jQuery. WCG Services, CDISC-protocol
11/2009-11/2010 Content Management System together with Fujitsu Services Finland.
Teamlead, Training, Contact person for Tallinn Team. Developing Core for CMS Framework built with ASP.NET.
  • Support and implement new features in existing Customer projects according requirements.
  • Analysis to identify code reuse potential / scaling effects between different customer projects.
  • Migrating older code to new ASP.NET standards.
Working in ASP.NET 3.5 (C#) using Visual Studio Team Foundation 2008, AJAX, jQuery.
11/2007-08/2009 Web-Portal for Pricing of Investment-Portfolios..
SOA, data versioning and revision, business intelligence.
  • Backend Services in a service-oriented architecture.
  • Database structure and access logic.
  • Distributed queue-based pricing infrastructure.
  • Architecture for data versioning and revision.
  • ETL-Processes for reporting module (SSIS 2008).
  • Design and localisation of reports (SSRS 2008).
  • Administrative tasks for SQL-Server 2005 and 2008.
Working in C# using Visual Studio Team Foundation 2008.
05/2006-10/2007 Pricing und Marketing Software: Framework for dynamic generation of documents for structured financial products
SOA, database access, code generation, document framework
  • Backend Services in a service-oriented architecture.
  • Generation of DDL from internal code model in XML using XSLT.
  • Document composition module to produce Word-Documents (Office 2003 XML format) and PowerPoint-Presentation (Office 2007 „open-x packaging“) from partial document templates.
  • Integration of application data into documents (user import, pricing results, CRM-Data, charts).
  • Administrative tasks with SQL-Server 2000 and 2005.
Working in C# using Visual Studio 2005 and CVS.
01/2005-10/2005: Tendering platform for industrial customers
Development of B2B website using .NET framework (C#, ASP.NET, ADO.NET). Project activities included:
  • Requirements specification.
  • Evaluation on the positive returns of .NET technology:
    • costs decrease for development and support
    • multilingual support
    • web server performance gains
  • optimisation of business flows
  • extensibility to other products (besides "Power")
  • data interchange and integration with foreign (sub-) systems
01/2001-08/2004: Senior Software Developer

Due to adoption of IIS 6.0, Sql-Server 7.0 and Ms-Office 2000:
  • full design, implementation and enhancement of sign-up module
  • back-end infrastructure to support contract processing in sign-up module
  • middleware solutions for integration with off- and on-line partners
  • CRM-Systems for Verivox customers and customers from cooperation parties
  • systems for revenue prediction and management of receivables in different company departments
  • data mining, clearing and consecutive execution of e-marketing campaigns, success rate evaluation for these campaigns
  • administration-, support-, controlling- und monitoring- tools for the abovementioned systems
  • electronic data interchange with "co-ompetition" parties
  • adoption of .NET framework, various tools for back-office activities
02/1999-12/2000: Junior Software Developer
With daily use of Internet Information Server, Sql-Server and Ms-Access, intra- and internet solution.
  • Design and implementation of web-based sign-up module for service provider swap in telecommunication and power supply
  • expansion of price comparison service into area of mobile telecommunication
  • optimisation calculator for total costs of mobile telecommunication
  • data migration between test and productive servers
  • integration of Ms-Sql Server (as data storage) and Ms-Access (as data entry interface)
bullet Freelancer experiences
10/2004-12/2004: IT Consulting Roth, Mannheim
Participation in application development for scheduling and execution of production in chemical reactors. Use of VB 6.0, database tier through ODBC. Interesting requirements: process coordination.
10/2001-04/2002: mediDOK® Software-Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH, Dossenheim
Microsoft IIS 5.0 Application for in-house System to track bugs, improvement suggestions and requirements for next versions of various software products. Use of VB 6.0 (Dll web-project), Data connectivity with MySQL. Valuable experiences - templates and custom tags, MySQL, team-coordination.
10/2001-06/2002: Cidon Consulting GmbH, Munich
Application to support reorganisation and optimisation in domain of public administration. Database design and implementation of corresponding user interface. Software to map employee functions, task scheduling, personnel management. Use of VB 6.0, Win 32 API, Ms-Access. Useful skills acquired: Requirements specification, user-friendly, intuitive interfaces, distant-working and project coordination.
05/1999-07/1999: Michael Utech GmbH, Viernheim
Database access library, based on ODBC-Diver v3.50 specification in C++. (Functionality similar to ADODB, to be used under Linux). Interesting: Linux, C++, ODBC v1.0 und v3.50, Adabas.
bullet Programming skills
.NET, C#: Extensive knowledge of .NET framework. Development in C# using MS-Visual Studio, SharpDevelop, WebMatrix
  • Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).
  • metadata (Attributes, Reflection)
  • localisation (Resources)
  • database connectivity (ADO.NET)
  • web development (ASP.NET)
SQL: Excellent long-time skills with MS SQL-Server:
  • database analysis, ERM-modelling & design (referential integrity, triggers, checks, rules)
  • performance -planning, -optimisation und -tuning (indices, foreign key, query hints, split)
  • abstract data layer (abstraction of "data layer" interface through views, stored procedures, clustering, linked servers)
  • administration (user accounts, back-up, maintenance and job-scheduling using Query Analyser, Management Console and SQL-DMO)
  • data mining (analysis, clearing/correction and transformation)
  • extract-transform-load (SQL Server Integration Services and SQL-DMO)
ASP & IIS: Development of intra- and internet complete solutions:
  • mapping and controlling conformity of business processes
  • CRM-Tools (customer contact, execution and assessment of success rates in e-marketing)
  • B2B EDI with external partners (interfaces with XML, CSV and Ms-Excel)
  • adoption of PDF-Documents (Forms & mail-merge, reuse of external components)
  • integration of external solutions (credit assessment via HTTP, SMS-messaging via Sockets)
Development with Visual Studio 6.0 using Visual SourceSafe.
XML/XSD & XSLT: Solid knowledge of XML & XSLT
  • Code generation using XSLT from internal models in XML.
  • EDI in XML and XML-based APIs.
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, RegEx: Very good knowledge, that allows successful cooperation with both web- and graphic designers. Though I follow the Web 2.0 trend with interest and is able to apply these quickly on demand, web-design is not the strongest point of mine.
Java: Seminar "Contemporary Issues on E-Commerce" (SS 2003),
Topic "J2EE technologies for E-Commerce applications", with focuses on:
  • Servlets, JSP, Custom-Tags & Tag libraries
  • J2EE Features overview (EJBs, JDBC, JNDI, JTA, JavaMail)
  • Distributed computing & co-operation (Remoting, XML, SOAP, JAXR, JAX-RPC)
Use during studies and curious comparison of ASP/JSP and .NET/J2EE technologies.
C/C++: Experiences in:
  • development of COM-component for encryption (with following appliance in ASP)
  • object-oriented API for ODBC-driver v3.50
  • first skills in hobby game and graphics library development
Basic skills: Previewed, but not adopted for use:
  • Python
  • PHP
  • MySQL
bullet Language skills
English: fluent
German: fluent
Russian: native language
Estonian: good
French: elementary
bullet Studies
10/2002 - 02/2006: University of Mannheim
Business Information Technology, focuses:
09/2000 - 09/2002: University of Mannheim
Business Information Technology (business studies, mathematics and IT),
Pre-degree SS 2002, score: 2.6
February 2000: Law faculty
Pre-degree, score: satisfactory.
10/1998 - 09/2000: Ruprecht-Karls-University of Heidelberg,
Law faculty.
10/1997 - 07/1998: Staatliches Studienkolleg Nordhausen,
Economic studies (W-course, economy), score: 1.5
bullet School
June 1997: Acquisition of matriculation standard. Awarded with golden medal
April 1997: TOEFL at TT�, excellent, 630 points.
09/1994 - 06/1997: classical college, Tallinn.
09/1996 - 12/1996: Goethe-Institute Tallinn, language course, accomplished as "Mittelstufe II".
09/1991 - 08/1996: IATI, Institute of Informatics and Computer Science, Tallinn.
Courses in Pascal, Assembler, C/C++.
09/1994 - 05/1995: after school club for mathematics. Participant of several regional competitions in maths and physics
09/1986 - 06/1994: primary school #26, Tallinn. Note: 1.0
bullet Interests and Hobbies
Swimming, trips, reading, guitar.
bullet Enclosures (as .pdf, .jpeg on request)
Verivox GmbH: Senior Developer: Reference (English, 150 kB) .
Internship: Web-Developer (German, 252 kB)
IATI: Certificate (English, 116 kB)
College: Certificate (German, 312 kB)
University qualification certificate: transcript (German, 112 kB) & state exams (German, 106 kB)